It is important to have good lighting in an environment to enable you to see details of what you are doing. Two great options to choose from are the UFO lights and the LED Linear High Bay. This article is a comparison between both options.

What is the ufo light?

Sometimes, you have a lot of people working in a particular environment. As much as possible, you will try to fill that environment with as many air conditions as possible to reduce heat. But apart from people, another contribution to heat is the type of lights used in an environment. With the UFO light, you have a reduced heat level because of the aluminum heating system within the device. The job of this heating system is to absorb the heat from the bulb directly, so there will be little or no heat contribution to the environment. The UFO name came from the circular shape of the device and the design of a small driver on top.

Advantages of UFO Lights

Some of the major advantages of UFO lights start from the heat cooling system it has. Other benefits of this system include;

  • It is a durable option
  • It looks very admirable
  • It works against all forms of heat
  • It has ample light coverage.

What is Linear High Bay Lights?

Lighting can cause a bit of confusion when you are faced with a tough decision. Sometimes, it is not about the type of light but the area you want to try to lighten up. The first thing that may confuse you is the type of light to use for such large areas. It is not like there are no lights to choose from; the problem is the lighting options are too many. This linear high bay light has a design that enables it to cover large areas effortlessly. As the name suggests, it is a straight type of Lighting with a diode that improves the beam output of the light. This light covers a large distance on a straight line so that it may give you better choices of design than the UFO counterpart.

Advantages of Linear High Bay

The linear high bay lighting option has a lot of advantages, some of which are;

  • It covers a large area
  • It gives you better design options
  • Maximum output.


The comparison between ufo lights and the line high bay is an unending one because of the need for maximum lights in commercial locations like warehouses. It is important that you have the best lighting condition, but at the same time, you need to make the right choice. Buying a UFO light or a Linear High Bay light is a great option, as long as it is what you need. So it all boils down to who is making the influential decision on the type of light to use in the system. If you want your choice to succeed, it is necessary that you involve an expert. Yes, the expert will take some more money from you, but at the least, it is vital that they give advice. As we have compared in this guide, UFO and Linear Lights are great lighting options for you to choose from, but you need the right one.


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