If you are a proud owner of a garden, a pressure washer is an indispensable tool so does the hose reel. You can maintain the sparkle of your equipment by cleaning regularly. And when you think of moving a heavy hose closer to your garden, dragging it on the ground should come as a desperate move.

Installing a hose reel makes a huge difference. When duty calls, wound the hose neatly on the hose reel and wheel it gently. And when the working area limits movement, grab a metal Bracket and mount it on the wall. That way, you are left with extra space to unleash your cleaning prowess.

But installing the correct hose reel is not a walk in the park. It is worth noting that; the primary purpose of owning one is to secure your hose, enjoy the flexibility and minimize chances of tripping. With that in mind, you should gather features that bring you to a gadget that passes the quality threshold.

Perhaps giraffe’s hose reel packs feature critical when making the right purchase, be a judge of your own.

Giraffe’s hose reels feature manual, automatic, and pneumatic use

A hose’s size and length determine the retraction method. Short hoses are compatible with manual modes as you crank them quickly without too much hassle. And if you want to add aesthetic appeal and speed, the automatic method is ideal. Unfortunately, extended hoses demand that you use a motor to wound because it can be tedious to execute rolling manually.

Automatic way can’t give you a great result either. Long hoses tend to load a lot of weight that overwhelms the spring. Giraffe’s hose reels keep evolving to cope with ever-increasing needs. They have spontaneous designs that handle long cords ranging from 75ft to 175ft.

Giraffe’s hose reels are relatively easy to assemble and mount

You must be aware of the phrase “too many cooks spoil the brought”. A good hose reel does not carry numerous elements that complicate the installation process. It features fewer parts and comes with a manual eliminating professionals.

Giraffe’s hose reel exemplifies a good unit. The auto category comes with brackets so you can mount them on a workbench, wall, or in the ceiling. Subsequently, the horse guide adopts strong steel to reinforce stability and allows you to control the length of the hanging hose using the stopper. The cart-drawn hose reels feature four wheels to provide stability, and the manual ones have a crank to allow smooth rolling.

Giraffe’s hose reels adopt high standard materials to give long service

Maintenance is critical when you aim at prolonging your gadget’s lifespan. But a good quality material goes a long way to eliminate breakdown, the reason why you ought to develop a keen eye on sustainability. It is where the giraffe’s love for high-standard materials evokes feelings of durability.

Mostly, the cord reels have a touch of enclosed structure to prevent damage resulting from unforeseen poor winding. Even better, firm material resists bending. It means that you get to enjoy the pleasure of high productivity, speed, and long service with zero trips to a mechanic.

Other subtle elements to look out for include;

  • The ability to brace harsh weather and chemicals
  • The flexibility of the arm; an excellent wing allows you to adjust to multiple positions within the range of 180°
  • Safety; The edges should feature a fine finishing that lets you install them on flat surfaces

Key takeaway

Hose reels do the weight lifting taking away the struggle to roll up large hoses. It means that when you have pressure washers or own gardens, they are inevitable companions. You require them to organize your workspace and add years of quality washing or gardening. But to put quality and durable tools on the table, you’ve got to educate yourself on the tips to acquiring a winning one.


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