Wigs are great to have and own, but it’s even nicer if you had accessories to go with them. There are many reasons you should consider getting yourself wig accessories – they help your hair look more beautiful, protect your wig and natural hair, and more. Even wholesale hair vendors should have these accessories in stock so that buyers can have easy access to them.

So what are the important wig accessories you need to have?

Wig Cap

A wig cap is a must-have because not only does it help keep the wig firm on your head, but it also protects your natural hair. If you want to keep your hair as flat as possible and also prevent the hair around your forehead and neck from showing when wearing a wig, then there’s absolutely no way you shouldn’t have this accessory with you.

Wig Stand

You won’t always have your wig on your head – it’s going to have to come off at some point. This is where the wig stand comes in. When you aren’t using your wig, you can place it on the stand. It will help maintain the hair’s structure and make it easy for you to style it whenever you want to.

Wig Brushes and Combs

Wig owners, especially owners of synthetic hair, should have brushes and combs all the time. Synthetic hair can tangle up at any time, and you need something to get rid of the tangles and knots. With the combs and brushes, you can do that. Simply use a wide-tooth comb to brush the hair, starting from the bottom and gently working your way up until you’ve touched every part of the hair. Doing this will keep your hair tangle-free and give your wig a smooth look.


You need a wig spray as much as you need the combs and brushes. Sprays are needful whenever you want to style your hair, and they also help prolong the life of your wigs, especially the synthetic ones. The next time you’re in the store, you might want to consider getting some leave-in conditioner.

Shampoos and Conditioners

You would need to wash your wigs at some point. Note that this shouldn’t be done every day, as that would ruin your wig. Once in a few days is good enough. Also, you should pay attention to the kind of shampoo and conditioner you purchase. Don’t buy the kind you would use for your natural hair, as they may contain some chemicals that can harm your wigs. Instead, opt for conditioners and shampoos that you can use on your wigs.


There are several wig accessories besides those mentioned above. Others are adhesives – to help keep your wig in place, travel bags – to store your hair while traveling, wig wand – to give your wig a more natural look, and many others. Each of these accessories is important for your wigs, and if you want to enjoy your wigs and make them last longer, you should consider investing in some of them. You’d be glad you did.


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