A hot water pressure washer is a great way to bring your fence and wood deck back to life. You can clean the wood parts of your house quickly and safely through a pressure washer. All you need to do this job is a gas-powered pressure washer. You can also make use of an Electric-powered pressure washer but this will be much slower. You should make use of a green nozzle and a wood sealer that you can select based on your choice. After you have got all the material described, now you need to follow a few steps that are explained as under.

Steps To Wash Wood Through Pressure Washer

  1. If you are pressure washing any surface for the first time then you should try the pressure washer at a small surface area. It is due to the fact that some wood decks are made of very soft material and pressure washing the material can damage them. Therefore, you should test a small spot before pressure washing the whole area.
  2. You should pressure wash the wood decks area by moving the wand in an even motion. This process will not let your pressure washing go wrong and you can wash the whole surface evenly without letting any part dry.
  3. If you want to even wash and clean the surface, you shouldn’t keep standing at one single point and washing it in only one direction. Moreover, directing it at one single point may also damage the structure. Therefore, you can move here and thereby safely pressure washing the whole wood deck.
  4. You shouldn’t stop spraying in the middle section. Rather you should wait until you are at any other part such as the bottom section or top section of the board. This will help you to get the most out of your pressure washer.
  5. You can make use of cleaning agents such as soaps or cleanser powders. You need to mix them in the tank if your pressure washer has an inbuilt soap tank. Once you have mixed it, now you can apply it to the targeted area. You can also go another way by just applying the detergent and then leaving it for a few minutes. After waiting for some time, you can now wash it with pure freshwater. Now it will look like a brand new wood deck. You can see the shine on the surface of the wood deck that enhances the beauty of your home without worrying about people’s comments


All the procedures explained above are an effective way to wash your wood decks. You can also take help from a highly experienced staff of professionals to get the job done for you but it may also cost you money. Learning the functionalities of your pressure washer and running it properly will help you save your money as well as time. If you feel any queries regarding washing your wood decks with a pressure washer, you can take help from an expert nearby.


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