Are you a designer, artist, or quilter who more often damages their tabletop? Do you often experience an error in accurate cutting or plotting? If you are searching for a solution to these issues, we will cater to your problems through plotter mat.

Plotter mat will not only play its role in making you an efficient and perfect design. But it also assists you in keeping the quality up through precise and accurate plotting/ cutting with just spending pennies. Does it sound exciting? If yes, then learn more to get insights on beneficial aspects of the plotter mat.

What Does A Plotter Mat Mean?

A plotter mat refers to the mat. It comprises multiple layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), including a hard layer sandwich between two soft layers. PVC has a wide range of heavy-duty applications. It adds up a lot of benefits to your plotter mat.

Some of the essential benefits that you cannot ignore and that give plotter mat an edge over the competition include:

Added Protection to Tabletop

A tabletop or cutting surface is what a designer, artist, or sewer commonly utilizes for cutting. It provides them with a place or flat surface. Using a plotter mat adds protection to the table top because of the combination of hard and soft layers. It bears the impact of sharp blades and prevents them from reaching your tabletop/ cutting surface. Ultimately it also contains the sharpness of your blade and makes them last longer.

Prevent Slippage

The plotter mat prevents the slipping of your blade or cutting tool. The PVC mat surface keeps your cutting tool moving in the specific plane with slight depression. This is essential when it comes to accuracy and precision in designs. A slippery surface results in a lot of errors and faults. It results in a decrease in your final project impact and value. A plotter mat is what helps you get rid of this scenario.

Multiple Applications

You can use your plotter mat for a plethora of applications. The major applications include designing, quilting, paper cutting, fabric cutting, card making, etc. You can also make use of it in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. The grids and multiple angle indicators assist you in accurate design building. The main angle indicators include 300, 450, 600, and 900.

Custom Size and Color Options

You can choose any color and size you want for your plotter mat. The main colors include red, gray, green, and blue. This option allows you to match your plotter with the tabletop color or your d├ęcor. Opportunities exist to choose multiple sizes, either A1, A3, A2, A5, A4, etc. You can also order the custom size. This will allow you to buy a plotter mat according to the cutting table size or surface.

Durable And Convenient

The durability of your plotter mat is unmatchable. It is water or moisture-resistant, having higher grade strength that is almost unmatchable. After designing, the depressions laid on your plotter mat automatically expand, leaving no marks behind. It also refers to the self-healing aspect. This will add up to the longevity of your plotter mat. You can use it any way you like without worrying about its degradation.


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