Here is the newest method to flaunt your beach vacation! As beachgoers share their entries for the fad, social media is inundated with pictures of a crystal kayak. The newest tourist attraction at every beach is crystal kayaking, which is also surrounded by azure waters and snow-white sandbars.

After all, kayaking has long been a necessary beach vacation pastime. Kayaking is a must-try activity to cap off your trip, regardless of which beach you visit. Anyone can explore and take in the peaceful currents of any stream of water with the use of a paddle and a canoe-like boat that is low to the water.

By sunbathing and paddling through the glistening seas, you can get your daily dose of sea vitamin!

What is the Big Deal About these Kayaks?

Visitors are obviously captivated by these little boats due to their distinctive design. Because of this, clear kayaks, also known as crystal kayaks, are quickly becoming beachgoers’ preferred scenic location. The transparency of the rowboat gives the impression that you are ethereally floating on the water.

Beach resorts and kayak rentals started offering photography services to their guests as a result of their amiable boatmen acting as photographers. On top of the crystal kayak, you may also strike as many poses as you like while admiring your physical beauty. With this new beach activity, you will undoubtedly come away with Instagram-worthy photos and a memorable experience.


Beachgoers learned how to model thanks to the crystal photography craze, showcasing their beach bodies while highlighting the breathtaking nature in the background.

Different Poses You Can Do on Crystal Kayak

Below are some tips you can follow when posing in crystal kayak. You can add some spice on your poses to make it Instagram worthy.

Show Off: Lie Down in the Kayak While Facing the Sun

Showing off your beach body on the beautiful beaches could not be more enjoyable. In addition to taking a stroll around the expansive shores of the exceptional island, The Crystal Kayak allows you to confidently pose in any way you like, particularly in this position. First, slowly balance yourself within the crystal kayak, then slowly lie down facing up. Try not to move around too much to avoid being unbalanced inside the kayak. Once you’re at ease, internalize the waves and strike a photo!

Any movement that would make you feel secure and at ease is acceptable, including raising your arms, crossing your legs, reaching your arm toward the camera, and placing your hands on the sides of the crystal kayak.

Be Attractive by Displaying Your Curves in Back Postures

Those who feel they are not photogenic enough or are too afraid to face the camera should use the Crystal Kayak’s back positions. With attractive back poses, you may make a variety of hand gestures, display your curves, and maintain that enigmatic air by covering your face. This is the ideal photo stance to adopt if you want a sincere shot of oneself taking in Boracay’s gorgeous scenery. Hold those positions as you flaunt your bikini figure and enjoy the pleasant breeze. Remember that every body is a bikini body, so show it off however you choose.


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