All ages may have fun on gas-powered ATVs. A gas-powered ATV may be used for various purposes around the property, from traveling through the woods to carrying a firewood cart. Knowing the horsepower of the quad you’re looking at will help you choose the best ATV for your kid.

Because of the increased size and speed of gas-powered ATVs compared to their electric counterparts, choosing the incorrect engine size might pose a greater risk to your youngster.

ATVs that run on gasoline have engines ranging in size from 70 to 700 cc; they can go at speeds of more than 70 mph and weigh more than 600 pounds.

At What Age Can Kids Start Riding ATVs?

Your child is ready to start riding an ATV at six years old. Typically, kids aged six and up can ride the smallest four-wheelers. It’s best to get your youngster on an ATV as soon as possible, yet young children may lack the physical maturity to ride one safely.

In today’s market, kids may choose from various all-terrain vehicles. They can run on a battery or a small 50cc gas engine and are quite portable. Videos show that they move at a sluggish pace.

In-Depth Analysis of Children’s 50cc ATVs

After your child has mastered the fundamentals of operating an ATV, they should be prepared to graduate to a 50cc model. Typically without suspension, the 50cc four-wheeler is compact and lightweight.

Furthermore, it has a speed regulator built in should you need to go faster than its top rate. Regarding your child’s first time on an ATV, caution, and patience are key.

As they improve and gain confidence, they gradually increase their pace. Another option is a safety kill switch attached to a harness that an adult may carry while walking behind a 50cc all-terrain vehicle.

Sizing Recommendations For ATVs, Based On Age

Your child’s age and other parameters, such as their weight, will determine the appropriate size of all-terrain vehicle for them. Professionals advise letting the kid try out the ATV you’re thinking of buying before you make a final decision.

Is your child comfortable while seated? If the rider doesn’t have to extend their arms to reach the bar, they probably won’t be able to. Is it straightforward to use the all-terrain vehicle?

Kids Ages 6 to 10 Can Ride 50cc ATVs

These all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have a displacement of 50 cubic centimeters in their engines, which, as the name suggests, makes them the smallest that most manufacturers provide. This size will work well for children and young adults ranging in age from six to ten years old.

The Polaris Outlaw 50, and Yamaha YFZ 50 are all great examples of 50cc ATVs. These four-wheelers are the perfect size for a child of six years old, measuring between 25 and 35 inches in height.

Almost all 50cc atv models include a throttle limiter that lets the user choose a maximum speed, preventing them from overusing the thumb throttle.


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